The new law for BTC online gambling in Germany

Finally something is happening in the area of online gambling in Germany. After years of wrangling, the German federal states were able to agree on a change to the old State Treaty on Gambling. Now German online casino licenses are to be issued for the first time. These licenses should be particularly secure and provide a high level of player protection.

Unfortunately, this is a bit over the top. Some regulations are so strict that many players will most likely continue to play in a casino without a license and at anonymous casinos that accept Monero. Let’s take a closer look at the situation to better understand the potential problem of German online casino licenses.

What is the current gambling situation in Germany?

First, let’s take a look at the situation of gambling in Germany. This is a national matter in Germany, which is why there have been different regulations for the longest time. In times of online gambling, however, it makes little sense for each federal state to do its own thing, especially since providers from abroad are pushing into the German market.

That is why the German federal states have already agreed on the joint State Treaty on Gambling in 2012, which should regulate gambling nationwide. However, the law had some serious weaknesses. Online casinos were completely ignored, which completely missed the reality prevailing at that time. Already at that time the Germans played diligently in the various online casinos, which were licensed in Malta, Cyprus or Gibraltar, among others. Many of these casinos are still visited today with pleasure.

Now the gambling treaty comes into play, which was passed at the beginning of this year. Behind the bulky name hides itself a 70-seitiger bill, which defines and regulates the entire gambling offer in Germany again.

which redefines and regulates the entire gambling offer in Germany. As particularly large throw thereby the all-German on-line Casino licenses are praised, which there is to give it with July 2021 the first time.

Casinos without license could become even more popular

If one looks at the new gambling law and the associated casino licenses from the perspective of the players, however, one quickly finds some weak points. Casinos with a German license have to follow these rules, among others:

  • Betting limits of a maximum of one euro per spin
  • Deposit limit of maximum 1,000 Euro per month per player across all providers
  • Prohibition of jackpot games
  • Ban on live casino games
  • Prohibition of table games without additional license

If you know about gambling, you have to shake your head here. The gambling offer in an online casino with a German license will consist mainly of slot machines and video slots and thus resembles more the gaming halls than the casinos.

The game offer in casinos without a German license is of course not affected by these requirements.

There also further jackpot plays, Blackjack, Roulette and the live casino plays around real money will be offered. That alone will be for many players a good reason to play also further in on-line Casinos without German license. It is simply a question of the better offer.

Responsible gaming is always important

Of course the German gambling law also has its positive sides. The draft law places particular emphasis on player protection. Thus there are numerous measures to prevent gambling addiction or to make access more difficult for minors. With the central blocking file for online gambling, for example, it will be very easy to enforce a self-locking in all German casinos. Voluntary exclusion from gambling is often the only effective way out in cases of gambling addiction. Whereas it was previously necessary to have individual blocking by the individual gambling providers, Germany will have a central blocking file that stores all necessary data.

But here, too, the question arises whether the legislator has not gone a little too far. So there will also be a central reporting office for online gambling. There, not only the personal data of all German players should be stored, but also all deposits on online casinos and more. This would enable practically complete monitoring of the gaming behavior of all players in Germany.

This alone could tempt many players to ignore casinos with a German license. There are more than enough alternatives in the form of casinos without license and these have been used extensively for years.

What will players choose: A casino without a license or a casino with a German license?

It is therefore questionable whether players will accept the new offer and play in a casino with a German license if the existing providers without a German license have much more to offer. Also, the complete monitoring of players by the state could prevent German online casinos from giving them a chance.

Even the well-intentioned measures to protect the players are of no help here. If the players simply do not accept the new offer, then these measures will ultimately have no effect.

It is simply too easy to find an appealing online casino in Germany without a license, to register and start playing. This has been working for years and many players will not switch to a worse offer just because the provider is licensed in Germany. In fact, we are pretty sure that the unlicensed casinos will continue to be very popular.

The exciting question remains whether and how the state will take action against casinos without a license. So far, online casinos without a license has been more or less tolerated. Possibly the state will now take more drastic measures. However, the extent to which this is technically and legally feasible is another matter.


One thing is for sure, blockchain technology and BTC will continue to rise, not only in Germany also in other parts of the world like Latin America – more info at It still takes a while until the first casino with a German license will open. Until then, however, will continue to be played diligently. But even with summer 2021, many players will probably not switch to the new German gambling providers, but continue to play in a casino without a license in Germany. It is simply a question of better gambling offers.