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Its been a busy time at insane….

After a busy few weeks with new services like and our new web Wallet, we are already planning on making some additional changes and improvements, over the coming month’s users can expect the MyINSNdomain to host many new services.

With this will come some minor changes to what we had planned, we initially planned to launch a standalone stake pool service, however after discussions with the various teams we have decided to abandon this in part and instead allow the new web wallet to perform this duty, in addition to this, we will make it possible for any user to send coins to ANY Email address on the web, in addition, users can perform transfers between our applications and themselves free and in real time, in off chain transactions.

We are also working to provide our users and the community at large some other new services, we won’t elaborate on all of them due to various reasons. But in the coming days weeks and months, INSN is looking to provide the following global services for all involved.

Crypto Games — Dice / Bones / PoG / Crypto Lottery and other games you can play for free, or with coins and try your luck.

A brand new faucet that fully integrates with our discord bot.

All new discord bots, that allow ultra secure account data information to be viewed without loading the site, for example !myinsn mybalance or !myinsn masternodeinfo

A new communication and social platform centred around the INSN brand, and will support a lot of features you find on many social media sites

Payment Gateway Service — For the love of drop shippers :-), comprehensive API and control interface, along with several modules for systems like but not limited to WHCMS or TomatoCart

Secret Project 1 — Multi-user multi-mode platform application designed to give INSN more possible uses, and widen its appeal not just to INSN but also to the wider community

Secret Project 2 — Like you need more drooling but there is much more to come

This is not a comprehensive list, more an insight into the exciting times ahead.

Find out more in realtime, come and join us on Discord