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MyINSN, upcoming features

March 19, 2019/News

No Contact Masternodes
This system does not need direct access to a masternode, as such no masternode data is shared and the location of the wallet is unknown to this platform, this is a vast improvement in security over all other platforms, if we don’t know where the wallets are neither does a hacker.

True Hot Wallet System
Every major service claims to use hot and cold wallets, we actually do, our hot wallet will never keep more than the set number of coins in it, and offload to cold storage is instant, zero confirms, and secure, never again worry about a service being hacked.

Built-In Auditors
Our built-in auditors have the power to stop the system dead, and when it decides it is dead it really does die. Host servers will shut down, databases become read-only, wallets are offloaded and stopped, and that it, in the event of a major breach this technology will save time and money.

Powerful API
Powered by swagger our API Is as powerful as you like, play, test and develop all in one location with all the help files you could ever need, all our APIs are get requests.

Dual Model Monitoring
We watch the wallets and platform separately, giving our code twice as many opportunities to detect and correct errors or perform actions.

Price alerts and action triggers
Price alerts and action triggers allow users to safely sell up and cash out if a coins price falls either below or climbs above a target price. When used with automatic withdrawals the process takes but moments to complete, auto triggers and actions can be used by anyone to do almost anything.

Discord Integration
Yep, that’s right, there is full support for discord applications, allowing users to check their balance from the comfort of a chat room, in addition to this, critical information can be posted to admin channels, discord supports full output logging.

SMS and Email Alerts
SMS and Email alerts are highly configurable and can be used to notify you of a variety of things, such as new deposits, new withdrawals, price alerts masternode monitor alerts, logins and much more, Keeping you in control of your information.

Withdrawal Alerts
Every withdrawal will trigger alerts to the user, giving you at least a chance to prevent a hack of the account due to inadequate security measures or account breach.

2FA and Pin Code Security
Google Auth | Authy and Email 2FA By Default, complete with backup keys and printed OTP Tokens, our 2FA when enabled is needed by any user who wishes to do anything other than deposit coins. If you buy or sell shares you will need an auth code as will the withdrawal of any coins.

Live Fiat Prices
BTC and Crypto Prices are updated every few mins, giving users a complete understanding of risks and liabilities.

Auto ReInvest
Auto re-invest is a powerful investment tool, each time your balance is sufficient and shares are available the system will auto purchase them for you, auto re-invest is done on a first come first serve basis in order to be fair to all.

Consortium & Priority Shares
This system allows a pool of multiple coins to act as a single coin, when used with a token (issue currency) you can generate income across a wide range of coins, spreading risks even further. Think of it as being AKIN (yes akin, but not the same), as CDO’s, you know the things that caused the 2012 financial crisis.

Real-time Instant Trading of Shares
Buy and Sell shares in real time, you will soon be able to trade those shares on a share exchange for any price you like, giving users more control over their profits and loss.

Hourly Payouts
Master node Payouts happen every hour for every coin, in order for a masternode to payout, the payout per share value, must be above 0.01 coins

Admin features (not bits you can see but still cool)

Real-time monitoring
Every admin wants real-time insight into what their application is doing, and we provide it, only you might need to take some classes in speed reading, under heavy load the platform will perform about 1000 operations per second, and watching that in real time can be tiresome.

Our real-time engine, shows you who what where and when, fully colour coded, green = healthy | good, yellow = Hmmm something is a touch wonky, red = admin please take a look.

Proven Scale
This software has successfully tested. During this test we tracked every known masternode, with 2500 dummy users, nearly 25,000 Masternodes, on a Dual Core, 2 Gig Windows Server running both IIS and SQL, with a throughput of around 18,000 Actions per second (each pool has 2500 users, each user hold varying shares etc).