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MyINSN is a way of redressing the playing field.

Allowing users to take on Institutional Investors and the rich lists.

MyINSN is reducing barriers in crypto, making Masternodes, Nodes and other services available to users of any pot size.

An INSN Masternode currently costs, 50,000 INSN, so you need considerable funds available to set up and run a node, and the more you want to run the more the chances are that you need to order expensive hosting from any number of shady hosts.

We split each master node down into 50 sub shares, 1 node = 50,000 coins or 50 shares of 1000 coins each, you will get a payout each and every day, in addition to this myINSN also pays stakes.

So we challenge you to find a better service that pays better, MyINSN is so good, it will outperform any Masternode service PERIOD.

MyINSN is a collaboration between MPH and the INSN Foundation, MPH agrees to host and operate the platform at a profit, whilst sharing those profits with the foundation to improve the services we offer and maintain a stable development fund.


Security is based on a reference system design. It’s all modules, wallets are located in another country to IIS, which is located in another country to SQL, this reference design means any attacker breaking in won’t be able to find the wallets, they are on a reference plane, and without knowing the plane you won’t find the wallets.

100% of wallet data is heavily encrypted with AES Encryption, and keys over 1000 characters long, they won’t be broken in a hurry or a lifetime.

Account security includes but is not limited to, Interrogation, 2FA, Pin Code, Email Confirmations and SMS Notifications, almost every action is tracked on your account.

What are the fees?

The mn pool itself operates on a fixed % fee, and it is the only fee, this fee is subtracted from blocks, on the whole, so the pool fee is shared to the community using it, and excess is shared with the foundation. In addition to this fee, there is one other fee that may or may not be applied. When you TRADE shares user to user we charge a fee of 10 INSN, many people have pointed out this is excessive, we would like to point out that this is less than a dollar, and it costs us more in CPU and DB Cycles to execute your order or trade. Like it or lump it, we can’t operate a service at a loss.

What other features can MyINSN offer?

MyINSN will offer direct integration to our new web wallet platform, and allow transfers between the platforms to be done of the chain and in real time, you can also save your Ethereum address for the upcoming Cspaces launch, by saving an address we save you the hassles of withdrawing everything to a fixed place so they can be counted, we will simply snapshot databases and duplicate your balances (including sealed balances (balances locked in shares)) and you will be issued a CSPaces Tokens 1:1 Airdrop at a date to be announced.

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