Find the best BTC casinos on the Internet? Tips and tricks!

Online casinos have enjoyed great popularity in this country for a long time. The current circumstances make the whole thing even more important. There is a rush for the so-called bitcoin casinos. Here there are numerous providers who are shifting gambling to the Internet. But what do players need to bear in mind when looking for a provider? A look at some details reveals whether the provider is a reputable online casino. The amount of casinos that accept cryptocurrencies which rely on blockchain technology is increasing a lot nowadays. Learn more about blockchains at

Always look at the seriousness?

The most important question concerns the license to be allowed to offer gambling on the Internet at all. For this, a license within the EU is necessary. A reputable online casino is regularly checked and licensed by the authorities of the country in which the casino is registered. Official licenses to be able to offer gambling on the net, the online casinos get only if all requirements are met.

But beware: players will not yet find a registered casino in Germany. The reason: So far, Germany has not issued licenses for online casinos. This will change only in 2021. Nevertheless, people living in Germany can also use these online casinos.

The reason for this is the so-called freedom of services, which ensures that an online casino licensed in the EU can also offer its services in these countries. It is a grey area, since gambling is currently still prohibited in Germany, at least in the online sector.

Nevertheless: a currently reputable online casino is based in Malta, for example, where it also receives an official license if all conditions are met.

An important component to acquire such a license is the player protection. This means that online casinos are obliged to draw attention to gambling addiction and to offer corresponding advice on gambling addiction. This is another sign of seriousness, as customers are made aware of possible problems. In addition, the best online casino should be fair with regard to the games offered. If you would like to know more about this, you will find useful information on this website and can get an overview.

Check payment options and game selection

There are also methods to unmask black sheep with payment providers. First of all, it is important that serious deposit and withdrawal options are offered. These include, for example, immediate bank transfer, direct debit or similar well-known payment methods.

Attention with PayPal: usually PayPal is considered an absolutely serious payment method. Except with online casinos. Because PayPal has completely withdrawn from this business area. Players can use this payment method thus no longer for itself.

Important for the players is of course also the selection of games. The classics such as roulette and blackjack or also Poker should be missing in no online casino. The second large section are the so-called slots, also known as slot machines. Also here it should be possible for the user before the registration to look whether the slot machines please her or him.

Bonuses are rather “nice to have”. Players should not be lured by the so-called deposit bonuses. They are rather a “nice to have”. Often, online casinos lure with the fact that they double the deposit amount at registration.

Sounds nice, but it is not. Because usually the user must earn a minimum turnover with the bonus in this case, in order to be able to actually cash out the bonus later.

  • An example: If a player deposits 10 euros, he can gamble it away and have everything paid out whenever he wants.
  • If he accepts the bonus, he will receive another 10 Euros as a gift. So he has 20 euros in his account, but usually has to bet this amount several times and play a minimum amount of money before he can withdraw the amount.
  • A closer look at the bonuses can not hurt, as this selection of good online casinos shows.

Conclusion – payment, license, selection and bonuses

While the bonuses are less important, payment options, a license within the EU and a wide range of gaming options are the best indication that an online casino is working seriously. In addition, an indication of gambling addiction or gambling addiction advice should also be visible.