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Insane (INSN) Faqs

What is Insane?  It is a happening…a state of mind. You don’t have to be insane to be part of our community but it sure couldn’t hurt.

Insane is about putting you in control. Control your wealth, your freedom and your rights. The way forward is transparent and decentralised. Cryptocurrency has many uses, here at insane we are finding new ways to implement blockchain technology for the betterment of it users, you, your friend’s, neighbours and work colleges. Why should all the worlds money funnel via the same big corporations? Now that is truly insane, and we are insane about fixing that.

The INSaNe [INSN] Blockchain is an experimental smart contract platform protocol that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world in a private, secure manner. INSaNe [INSN] uses peer-to-peer blockchain technology developed by Bitcoin to operate with no central authority: managing transactions, execution of contracts, and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network. INSaNe [INSN] is the name of open source software which enables the use of this protocol.

How often is this faq page update?  We are going to update this faq page on a regular basis so please check back often for updates.


Insane (INSN) Social Faqs

Does Insane (INSN) have a Twitter page?  You can find the official Insane (INSN) Twitter page by clicking  HERE.
Does Insane (INSN) have a Facebook page?  You can find the official Insane (INSN) Facebook page by clicking  HERE.

Does Insane (INSN) have a Discord group?  You can join the official Insane (INSN) Discord group by clicking  HERE.

Does Insane (INSN) have a Slack group?  You can join the official Insane (INSN) Slack group by clicking  HERE.

Insane (INSN) Master Node Faqs

How much INSN do you need to run a master node? You will need 50,000 INSN to power a master node.

I have 50,000 INSN, how do I run my master node?  The running of a master node can be a bit complicated for a beginner. You might need some assistance from the INSN  community or to read the setup guide.

What are master node instantTXs?  instantTXs are instantly sent and confirmed by the masternodes to the recipient. As blocks continue to roll forward the instantTXs will state how many blocks have confirmed the instantTX regardless of the fact that the TX is already sent and the recipient has it available to them.

Do you have a master node pool for people who don’t have 50,000 INSN?  We are working with some people who are interested in setting up a master node pool for those who don’t have 50,000 available for their own master node. We will update with more information as it becomes available.

Do you have a guide for setting up master nodes?  Yes, you can find the most current INSN master node setup guide by clicking HERE.

Do you offer any master node support?  You can find master node support by joining the  INSN Slack channel and then joining the # Master Node support channel.

Insane (INSN) General Information & Specs Faqs

Where can I find the latest Insane (INSN) wallet download? You can always find the latest version of the Insane (INSN) wallet  HERE

Do you have an Insane (INSN) block explorer?  You can find the official Insane (INSN) block explorer by clicking  HERE
Is Insane (INSN) a PoS or PoW?  Insane (INSN) is a hybrid Pow/PoS.
What is the PoS rate for Insane (INSN)?  Insane (INSN) has a pow rate of 1.5% with an 8% chance of getting 3% if you find a PoS block.
What is the PoW rate for mining Insane (INSN)?  The block reward is 1 INSN with an 8% chance of finding an “Insane Block” of 2 INSN
Do you have an Insane (INSN) Bitcoin Talk page?  You can find the official Insane (INSN) Bitcoin Talk page by clicking   HERE

How do I mine Insane (INSN)?  You can visit for all the info you need. 

What is the Velocity governance and restraint technology that Insane (INSN) has?  Velocity helps keep the blockchain secure by forcing it to adhere to very specific predefined parameters. You can read more about Velocity HERE

How do I find Insane (INSN) giveaways and freebies?  You can find the latest Insane (INSN) giveaways by clicking HERE

Is Insane (INSN) a clone of DASH? No, Insane (INSN) has some of the same features as DASH but is in no way a clone

What are the technical specifications for Insane (INSN) ?  You can always find the latest technical specs on Insane (INSN) by clicking HERE

How do I find out who is currently on the  Insane (INSN) team?  You can find the current team members and bios of the Insane (INSN) family by clicking HERE

Will Insane (INSN) be pumped anytime in the future?  The short and long answer to this question is both no. The dev team has not and will never endorse or participate in the pumping of Insane (INSN) at any time now or in the future. We feel this practice is unfair to the market as a whole and is potentially illegal.

5% fee per block (currently 0.7 INSN) is directed to an account to help promote future product development and ongoing costs.

For transparency, you can check the balance of this account by following the link below.

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