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Author: insane

7 Posts Here is being put to bed.

August 27, 2018/News/0 Comments

It is time for our old web wallet to be retired.But we have a fantastic…

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Its been a busy time at insane

August 27, 2018/News/0 Comments

Its been a busy time at insane.... After a busy few weeks with new services…

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MyINSN Shared Masternodes are a way of redressing the playing field.

August 23, 2018/News/0 Comments

MyINSN is a way of redressing the playing field.Allowing users to take on Institutional Investors…

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Velocity Bluepaper

March 17, 2018/Support/0 Comments

Velocity BluePaper (Prototype Whitepaper) 1 - Intro: Velocity is a re-written feature originally known as…

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What is the INSaNe [INSN] Blockchain?

March 16, 2018/Support/0 Comments

What is the INSaNe [INSN] Blockchain? The INSaNe [INSN] Blockchain is an experimental smart contract…

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INSN Masternode VPS guide and even easier link to the MYCE Bot Masternode service

March 14, 2018/Support/0 Comments

Powered by MYCE insanecoin will now provide a masternode hosting setup solution for our users…

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