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INSN Blockchain
Secure INSN Network
Peer to Peer Transactions
Distributed Ledger on Blockchain
INSN is Minable
The label, insane, is given to people who open doors that sane people keep closed. The people who are consumed by the awareness of their existence, when everyone else is blind to their own. The people who can distinguish the reality of illusion from those who live the illusion of reality.

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MyINSN is a way of redressing the playing field.

Allowing users to have the same advantages as those on the rich lists.

MyINSN reducing barriers in crypto, making Masternodes, Nodes and other services available to users of any pot size.

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MyINSN will outperform any Masternode service PERIOD.

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INSN v1.0.5.5 releaseINSN v1.0.5.2 release

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INSN Mining
INSN can be mined and uses the X11 algorithm.
Stake INSN for rewards.
Serve the network by hosting a masternode and reap the rewards
5% of the reward is applied to an admin account for ongoing costs and future development. Check

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INSN is not a currency and should not be construed as one. INSN is a tradable P2P token that can be acquired on exchanges or given away for free by those who hold INSN tokens or want to get more of them. The Insane team does not recommend that you buy or sell INSN, if you are doing this you are fully responsible if you lose any money or will violate any applicable laws. We do strongly recommend that you follow all applicable laws in the region where you live before using or trading INSN tokens.
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